What is Purana?

Purana means 'of ancient times'. 

At Purana, we believe in skincare that is pure and crafted to nourish every layer of your skin to give you that flawless captivating glow. Purana is the rebirth of the healing and synergistic powers of nature; rooted in thousands of years of history in the most ancient of cultures. We are endlessly grateful to the science of creation, of which enables us to create a skincare line that was once only a fantasy. 

At Purana, we deeply appreciate and are constantly learning about the divine connection between nature and our body. We believe in having beautiful skin that is more than just skincare. It's self care, it's soul care. It is the complete ritual of mind, body and soul to achieve the perfect harmony within ourselves and to create radiance from within.

My Story

There is nothing extraordinary about me - I am a woman in love with all of the beauty nature gives. I was born and raised in Indonesia, where the beauty of nature was my playground. Indonesian landscapes full of color, dances underneath the rain, fruits, vegetables and plants of every hue imaginable gave me a deep appreciation of nature's innate healing potency.

For over ten years, I researched some of the most nutrient dense, history-laden oils known to heal severely damaged and aging skin. My deepest passion is to design a skincare line that embodied my history and illustrated the importance of health and natural beauty. I wanted to craft and thoroughly formulate a line that was luxurious, one that would warmly envelop my skin at the beginning and end of everyday. One that is simple to use yet highly effective in giving you the most beautiful and youthful looking skin.

I want to be alongside you in this journey as we go home to the simplicity of nature, the exploration of the innate beauty of humanity.