Our Founder

I was born and raised in Indonesia, where the beauty of nature was my playground. Surrounded by plush landscape full of flowers and plants of every color imaginable, it gave me a deep appreciation of nature's healing potency. 

With a history of very sensitive skin and reactive skin type, I wasn't able to find products that gave my skin the love it deserves; using products that only led to more irritated skin. Since then, I spent years researching and studying some of the most nutrient dense botanicals for their nourishing properties. I believe in going back to our roots, using only the purest ingredients without any fillers or toxins to heal damaged and aging skin.

The cornerstone of our formulation was choosing ingredients that have been known for centuries to heal many ailments but are also backed by science and clinically proven to improve the health of our skin from within. This led me to a beautiful innovation and gave me the skin that captured the attention of those who crossed my path. 

My deepest passion is to inspire beauty through confidence. I believe when we are in love with our skin, we radiate love to everyone around us. Through Purana, I want to make an impact in our community, to be the beacon of love and hope for our future generations.

The inception of Purana Skincare allowed me to sophisticatedly formulate a line that is luxurious and one that softly envelops my skin at the beginning and end of every day. One that is simple to use yet highly effective in delivering outstanding performance for the most beautiful, healthy, and youthful looking skin.

I am grateful to share this with you and humbled to be alongside you in this journey, as we go home to the simplicity of nature and to appreciate the beauty of humanity.

With love, 

Purana Skincare | inspire beauty through confidence

The word 'Purana' means a collection of ancient sacred writings that hold powerful knowledge of the world. We believe in giving love to our skin that embodies the healing potency of nature and using nutrient dense botanicals rooted in thousands of years of history, in the most ancient of cultures to nourish every layer of your skin. We deeply appreciate the therapeutic wisdom that nature has given us. Both scientific discovery and modern technology have enabled us to design a skincare line that was once only a fantasy.

At Purana, we believe in inspiring beauty through confidence. We want to bring love into your days and meaning into the world. Our ethos and our pledge to you is to create a delicate intermingling of the science of creation and the beauty that resides within you. We strive for nothing less than perfection with our products, eliminating thousands of ingredients that could have a negative impact on your health while delivering optimal performance. We are obsessively clean, and we believe in standards that go above and beyond what is traditionally acceptable in the skincare industry. Our aspiration is to be part of a much larger movement that promotes honesty, authenticity, generosity, and compassion.

At Purana, making an impact and serving humanity is at the heart of our brand. We will endlessly push our boundaries to balance purpose with profit. With 30% of profits dedicated to philanthropic efforts, we strive to make a lasting change. You are a part of that change by becoming part of our family.